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Welcome to Barbaro, the manufacturer of the versatile 3-in-1 coffee machine designed to cater to your coffee cravings! Our innovative coffee machine is compatible with both Dolce Gusto and Nespresso capsules, as well as ground coffee.


We believe in offering you the freedom to savor a wide variety of beverages without being confined to a single coffee capsule type.


At Barbaro, we understand that coffee preferences vary from person to person.

That's why we've created a coffee machine that adapts to your tastes. Whether you prefer the convenience of capsules or the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee, our machine has you covered.


You can now enjoy espresso, cappuccino, latte, and more, all at your fingertips.


Experience the joy of customization, explore new coffee flavors, and elevate your coffee moments with Barbaro's 3-in-1 coffee machine.


Join us on a journey of flavor and choice, where every cup is a delightful adventure.


Unlock the world of coffee possibilities with Barbaro.


Discover your perfect cup today!


Choose your flavor, revolutionize your brew. 

At Barbaro, where we're dedicated to simplifying your coffee experience.

Our mission is to provide top-notch coffee machines that cater to all your needs.

With cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, we're transforming the vending machine industry for everyone.

Join us in the coffee revolution today!

Our Journey So Far



BARBARO was founded with a vision to provide innovative and user-friendly coffee machines that cater to everyone's needs. Our journey began with a few like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for providing exceptional service and quality products.



In 2015, we introduced our 3-in-1 coffee machines, compatible with Dolce Gusto capsules, Nespresso, and ground coffee. This groundbreaking technology revolutionized coffee machines, offering customers beverage freedom.


BRB In The Press

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